Game and Console launches;

Our team is highly experienced with gaming events and game launches. We have made props and complex structures for the launches of Halo 2/3 and the highly anticipated launch of the Xbox 360.

We can produce structures, lighting, staging and point of sale units for games and gamers. Additionally, we can also create exhibition stands to spotlight developers and publishers at individual events. We can make our clients anything they need, such as desks, lighting effects, logo structures and much more. 

Our craftsmen have the ability to create fully custom stage props, individual developer set-ups and huge game props for whatever gaming developer or newly released game. If you are a game developer, you want the launch of your game to be remembered and talked about for months to come. Big props to engage the fans into your game and get them 'hyped' for the launch!.
Insane Solutions can build and create anything you can dream of, from entry level stage sets and booths to huge buildings, structures, booths, walkthroughs and much more, you name it we can build it for your special launch! If your company has a design in mind, we can make those designs into real life from our experienced team who will use your ideas to create 3D drawings of how your project will look once completed. Then our in-house team 
gets to work crafting your one of a kind launch structure to the smallest of details so that your launch is one that will be remembered forever. 

If you want a completely unique design, something that has never been done before, totally unreal in every aspect, we can do that! And we will make it! Just drop us an email or call our phone number and one of our design team will be on hand to help.




Product Launches;


We can create structures, props, stage lighting and much more to show off product launches. These can range from anything from smartphone launches, new furniture and new products your company is launching. 

We can hand-craft anything you wish for, display cabinets that show off your new product, big stage props to show off your product, Whether it's big such as a car launch, or smaller as a smartphone launch. We can create, design and build whatever props or structures are needed to help launch your special product. Did you know, we also can do lighting, flooring and other small details surrounding the structure or props too! 


Whether or not your company has an idea or design in mind, We can cater for you and create the best possible structure or prop for you and your product launch. 

Below are some images of the Halo 2/3 Launch event that created all the props for. See all pictures from the beginning to the end and the structure being used!

This page's picture gallery is updated when new event builds start and finish.

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